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  About us

About us

People behind the FHM-Network

What does FHM-Network stand for?
Fachhochschule (FH)+ Master's Degrees Network - a network for graduates with these two degrees and for students that interested in pursuing a Master's Degree.

How are we organized?
The core idea of the network is to help other people out with information and networking. The payoff for the members of the network are getting in contact with a network of successfull engineers. All the work is done on a volunteer basis. Therefore, we keep any overhead as low as possible. There are no membership fees and memberships. The Network was founded in Fall 2001 by Alban Frei and Fabian Meier with the help of Gaston Wolf.

People behind the FHM-Network?
Alban Frei, FH Brugg Windisch, Informatik, M.S. at UIUC: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999
Fabian Meier
, FH Rapperswil 95, M.S. at Northwestern University, 1997
Martin Lüssi
, FH Rapperswil 2006, M.S. at Northwestern University, 2007
Urs Glauser, Professor at FH/University of Applied Sciences
, Winterthur
Professor Gaston Wolf, retired Professor, STV, FH/University of Applied Sciences Winterthur

The following people helped us in this project - many thanks!!

FHM Network Sponsor

-Zühlke Engineering AG, Alban Frei, sponsoring the hosting of this website
-ABB University Marketing, Lukas Schönwetter, sponsoring the hosting of this website until 2008

- Veronica Dabis, re-design of the website
- Kurt Heini, Redaktion, Vertreter HTA
- STV, for hosting the "Master Guide" up until 2002

Our Activities
We don't have formal meetings. We try to use the Internet as much as possible, which is perfect for networking. This is what we do currently:

- Keep a directory of all FH graduates with M.S. degrees
- Maintain and renew the 'Master Guide'.
- Improve the step by step 'how to get accepted at top Universities'
- Collect statistics
- Be a lobby force for stipends for studies abroad
- Be a proponent of alternatives to post graduate within Switzerland
- You or your company might be looking for top engineers, the directory helps with that task.

Why is this website in English?
To simplify things instead of writing everything in three languages (German, French, Italian) we just use one language. In addition, the website can be read from the English speaking countries, where most graduate schools are.

News and Updates
- 17. October 2002: Updated version of the "Master's Guide".
- September 2002: Added MBA Guide from Richard Debrot, in Resources
- July 2 2002: The Graduates Directory with a listing of all Universities is up - check out the Directory Section
- April 15 2002: the website is finally up under the new domain:http://fhmnetwork.ch
- End of March 02: New Name: FHM-Network.
- FHM-Network Website up February 2002 (at the beginning it was called GFM-Network)
- First steps to develop network Fall 2001


  People behind the FHM-Network


Alban Frei

Alban works for Zühlke Engineering AG, a swiss based international engineering service company.

- Fachhochschule Brugg Windisch, Computer Science, graduated in 1994.
- Master of Science in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , graduated in 1998. Advisor: Prof. Jane Liu, Real-Time System Laboratory. Research in hard real-time performance for Windows NT. ABB scholarship.
- Executive MBA in general management at University of St.Gallen (HSG), graduated in 2009.

95 - 97: Software Engineer at Technosoftware AG, Niederlenz. Work in real-time software.
99 - 03: Scientist, Project Leader and Group Manager at ABB Corporate Research, Dättwil.
04 - now: Business Unit Manager at Zühlke Engineering AG, Schlieren

Contact Information
Email: alban.frei@gmx.ch

Fabian Meier

Fabian wrote together with Christian Frei the "Master Guide" in 96 before his Graduate Studies at Northwestern University - because he wished then something like that would have been around. He met Alban briefly during the selection for the Landis & Gyr Stipendium in 95, and by accident during his Job Interview at ABB Research in fall 2001. Fabian didn't go for the job at ABB, but the two decided to found the FHM-Network. Fabian lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

- Berufslehre (Professional Education) as Physiklaborant, graduated in 1988.
- Fachhochschule Rapperswil, Electrical Engineering, graduated in 1995.
- Master of Science at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, in Electrical Engineering. Focussed on Image Processing, Video Compression, Networks. Advisor: Professor Aggelos Katsaggelos. Graduated in 1997.

1988 - 1990: Designed solar power stations and monitoring systems for TNC Consulting AG in Chur.
1994: Software engineer in the software testing team for building control system at Landis & Gyr.
1997 - 2000: Developer in the Digital Media Divison at Silicon Graphics in Mountain View, CA. Worked on ASICS, video compression, patents and digital media software (digital video).
2000: Senior Engineer at Burst.com, San Francisco, CA. Developed server software for streaming video.
2001: Senior Engineer in the startup Verb, Inc. in San Francisco. Developed a new type of search engine for more intuitive searches in large databases.
2001 - 2004: Senior Engineer at BridgeCo AG, D
ubendorf, a Network System-on-a-chip seminconductor company. Developed a wireless audio player solution, sold now under SMC Networks, Linksys, Denon and TerraTec brands.
2005 - now: CTO at G-Lab GmbH / Geneva Lab Corp., Zurich. Heads the development of high end iPod speaker products that are sold in the USA under the brand name "Geneva Lab ".

Contact Information
Email: fmeier@gmail.com

Martin Lüssi

Martin met Fabian in 2005 during his studies at Fachhochschule Rapperswil. Since the FHM Network was an invaluable resource for him when applying to graduate school, Martin joined the FHM Network team in 2008 to help future students and keep this website up to date.

- Berufslehre (Professional Education) as Physiklaborant, graduated in 2000.
- Fachhochschule Rapperswil, Electrical Engineering, graduated in 2006.
- Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston IL, graduated in 2007.
- Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston IL, graduated in 2011.

2000 - 2002: Bruker BioSpin AG, Fällanden Switzerland, designed data acquisition systems for the development of superconducting NMR magnets and cryostats.
2003 - 2004 (summer): Austriamicrosystems AG, Rapperswil Switzerland, designed hardware and software for the test of ASIC's.
2006: Ascom Security Solutions AG, Hombrechtikon Switzerland, developed embedded software for avalanche beacons.
2007 (summer): PacketVideo Corporation, Palatine IL USA, developed frame rate upconversion algorithms for mobile devices.
2008 (summer): PacketVideo Corporation, Palatine IL USA, implemented B-frame support for an MPEG-4 Part 2 video decoder for mobile devices.
2011 - now: Research Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School.

Contact Information
Email: mluessi@gmail.com

Urs Glauser
Urs Glauser is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, Switzerland since 1984. He became head of the automatic controls laboratory in 1997. Since 2002 he has been engaged in joint projects with the Woodruff School of Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. Urs Glauser has been counseling students who are interested in graduate studies abroad since 2006.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, June 1983, University of California, Davis, CA, USA
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, November 1973, Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur

Professional Experience
1995 to 1996: Sabbatical with Sulzer Bingham Pumps, Portland, OR, computational hydraulics
1976 to 1980: +GF+, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, design of automated molding machines
1974 to 1976: SIG, Neuhausen, Switzerland, research on powered trucks for high speed trains

Email: urs.glauser@zhaw.ch

Gaston Wolf

Professor Gaston Wolf has been advocating international relations and exchange during the last 20 years. He was a Professor for Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur (ZHW), President of the Senat ZHW/FH Zürich, University of Applied Sciences and Head of International Relations, Dept T/ZHW until 2005. Gaston Wolf has done extensive career counseling for students that were interested in graduate studies and has successfully guided over 100 students in their graduate studies in the US and Canada.

Gaston Wolf is retired, but he is still an active advocate for higher learning abroad.

1968: Diploma in Chemistry Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich
1971: Dr. phil. II University of Basel and ETH Zürich (E.Heilbronner)

Professional Experience
1972/73: Chemist CIBA-GEIGY AG Basel
1973: Principal Lecturer Winterthur School of Engineering TWI
1986: Visiting Professor Institute for Enzyme Research, P.A. Frey University of Wisconsin, Madison U.S.A.
1989-96: Head of the international Postgraduate Course in Biotechnology TWI
1989-99: Associate Head/Head of the Chemistry Department TWI

Membership in Committees and Professional Bodies
- EFHK Expert (Federal Commission of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences)
- BBT Expert (Federal Office of Professional Education and Technology)
- STV (Swiss Engineering, May 1996/May 2000: President.), Past-President, Honorary Member
- FH-CH: Member of the Executive Board
- FH-ZH: Vice-President
- IAESTE Member of the National Committee
- International Consultant ASIIN AK I German Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering and Informatics and Natural Sciences
- International Member SEFI (European Society of Engineering Education) Vice-President 93-96, 12 Y Executive Bord Member, 2003 SEFI FELLOW
- Member of the Executive Board FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Associations 1996-2001) 2002
- Internal Auditor, EUR ING
- Member of the Swiss National Committee and National Monitoring Committee IGIP (International Society for Engineering Education), WG Chemistry and CEE
- ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education) International Division 1986-
- ABET Accredtation Board for Engineering and Technology Invited Speaker 2001/02
- Accreditation: FEANI, CTI and ASIIN 15.03.05

Contact Information
Email: wolf.gaston@bluewin.ch