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  About the Directory

What is the directory?
The member directory lists all the members with a graduate degree. The directory is maintained by the network.

The Purpose of the directory
1. Prospective students can contact graduates from specific universities directly if they have questions.
2. The directory migth help in the application process if there are problems to have the Fachhochschule degree accepted as a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.).

How to contact the individual members
Send us an email (email addresses in the About section), we will then send you the contact information.

How to be listed
Send an email to Fabian Meier or Alban Frei (Contact information in "About FHM-Network"). List all of the following data - leave any field blank where you are not comfortable to provide us with your data:
- Your Full Name
- Full Address (will not be listed on the Internet)
- Phone numbers (will not be listed on the Internet)
- Fachhochschule data: name of school, year of graduation, your degree
- Graduate school data: name of school, year of graduation, your title (M.S., MBA, etc), location of school (city, state, country), your major (electrical engineering, etc.)
- Graduate school details: length of your studies (in quarters, semesters, or years), when you studies (for example 1/96 - 6/97), name of your advisor/professor, your specialization or research, have you had any stipends from Switzerland or the university (teaching assistant, research assistant)
- Brief overview what you worked after your graduate studies: company name, location, your title, time

Privacy concerns
If you want to be listed, but you don't want to put up all your data to the Internet - no problem. Just provide with as much information as you feel confident. For example, your address and email are not listed on the public directory, just let us know about that. We fully respect your right to privacy.
We will not pass on your personal data to any commercial recruiting service, etc. or any other organization with commercial interested. We will not sell or lend your data to other organizations.

Abbreviations used
M.S. = Master's of Science
MBA = Master's of Business and Administration
FH = Fachhochschule
EE = Electrical Engineering
CS = Computer Science
ME = Mechanical Engineering
CE = Chemical Engineering